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Mural  “Unity in Diversity”

Mural “Unity in Diversity”

Featured in the Detroit Metro Times, 2017   During my Artist in Residency Program at the Forge Artist Residency on Sep-Oct 2017, I had the opportunity to paint a great mural in Collaboration with Artist Chazz Miller in one of the most alternative and creative places...

Painting  “Calm Before the Storm”

Painting “Calm Before the Storm”

 Featured in the Huffington Post Newspaper, 2016   This painting was part of a collective exhibition titled “Esquisite Porche” at the Morean Arts Center in 2016. The curators Dominick Lombardi and Amanda cooper created a great exhibition about the wildlife in...

PPC Featured Artist ||| Vannessa Circe (Bogota, Colombia)

PPC Featured Artist ||| Vannessa Circe (Bogota, Colombia)

Artwork Featured in the Paint Pens Collective Art Community Platform, 2015 During my trips across the United States I was invited to display my artwork in a great/Creative platform called Paint Pens Collective, which its goal is to network talented artists that they...