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Slow Down

Posted on: November 11th, 2018 by Luis Fragoso | No Comments
Slow Down

Slow Down

Oil on Canvas – 20” x 20”
October, 2015


Inspired by the moments following a high-speed motorcycle accident. The accident was caused by a line of goats crossing a very slick road amidst a downpour, and the result was a seemingly endless skidding and hydroplaning down the highway alongside the overturned motorcycle. Time seemed to slow down in these moments, sensory perception greatly focused and enhanced.

The painting plays on concepts from physics, namely relativity theory; at increased velocity, time does indeed slow down, such as when approaching a black hole, whose singularity, or infinity, may represent a true stoppage of time. But this painting goes beyond the equations and shows a very real relative nature of time within our own minds which is more difficult to objectively define.

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