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Messenger of Water

Posted on: November 8th, 2018 by Luis Fragoso | No Comments
Messenger of Water

Messenger of Water

Mixed Media – Oil and Acrylic on Canvas – 16” x 20”
November, 2017


One of the communities that I work personally with and study their beliefs and symbolism is called the Kamentsa. They are a deeply spiritual people, worshiping and symbolizing the natural world and their territory in the Cloud Forests of the Colombian Amazon.

This painting depicts the Frog, considered by the Kamentsa to be “The messenger of water and the goddess of fertility and femininity.” The geometric depiction is the Kamentsa symbol for the frog that they weave into many of their remarkable traditional crafts, and the central portion of the painting displays a traditional Kamentsa mask that is worn during ceremonies, and displays symbols and colors of water and femininity.

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