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Freed Mind

Posted on: November 11th, 2018 by Luis Fragoso | No Comments
Freed Mind

Freed Mind

Oil on Canvas – 20” x 28”
May 2017


The Kamentsa tribe is extremely traditional and spiritual, basing much of their beliefs on shamanism, symbolism, and traditional medicine. They are based in the western limits of the Amazon jungle in Putumayo, Colombia.

The Shaman, or “Taita” for the Kamentsa, has a duality with the Jaguar, the solitary leader of the Jungle. The Taita is known to be the solitary guide of the community, both in the spiritual and natural world. In this painting we have a Shaman transitioning into a Jaguar with a headdress of Macaw Parrot feathers, a symbol of freedom of mind and body. Additionally, above the face is the symbol of the Andean Bear, which represents Power for the Kamentsa. In the background is the Kamentsa symbol of the Sun, giver of life and energy, and the Moon, a sacred symbol of femininity.

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